NINTER - Internationalization Center


In January 2019, the Afya group joined the U. Experience Consortium, which includes 20 educational institutions in Brazil and 25 international institutions. Thus, IESVAP opens the doors to the new challenge: internationalization.

This partnership with the Consortium will provide opportunities: institutional cooperation actions, prioritizing international partnerships; promoting the exchange of experiences between students, teachers and managers with foreign institutions, through exchanges, courses, events, internships (paid or not); enabling the implementation of agreements with foreign institutions; encouraging the development of new collaborative projects with partner institutions; supporting the forwarding of projects to different international development agencies to obtain financial resources; scheduling visits to other institutions to identify potentialities and develop joint projects; maintain an updated database with information on the foreign partner institutions; disseminate information on issues of interest to all sectors of the university in the field of international relations; encourage the teaching staff and students to explore possible participation in international activities; identify opportunities for international partnerships of interest for the development of the institution; support foreign students and teachers participating in international exchange programs in the regularization of their situation, such as: visas, accommodation, means of transportation, leisure activities, etc.


U.Experience International Partners:


  • Universidad Abierta Interamericana
  • ARGENTINA Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento
  • Universidad Nacional de Avellaneda



  • Universidad Privada de Ciências Administrativas Y Tecnológicas de Bolivia
  • Universidad de Aquino Bolívia



  • Universidad Finis Terrae
  • Universidad Bernardo O'Higgins



  • Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas Y Ambientales Colômbia
  • Universidad ECCI
  • Universidad Manuela Beltrán



  • University College



  • Universidad Catolica San Antonio de Murcia
  • Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
  • Cesine Centro Universitário
  • Universidad de Salamanca


United States

  • Northern Arizona University
  • University of Central Arkansas
  • Medaille College



  • Tampere University of applied Sciences



  • Rennes School of Business



  • University of Dunaújváros



  • Sathyabama University



  • Universitá Europea di Roma



  • Universidad Politécnica de Pachuca
  • Universidad Tecnológica de Tulancingo
  • Universidad de Guadalajara



  • Universidad Autónoma de Encarnacion



  • Universidad Nacional Del Centro del Peru
  • Universidad Cientifica del Sur
  • Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería



  • Universidade Aberta Portugal
  • Instituto Politécnico do Porto
  • ESSaúde do Porto
  • Instituto Politécnico de Santarém
  • Instituto Politécnico da Guarda
  • Universidade Fernando Pessoa
  • Universidade da Beira Interior
  • Universidade de Évora
  • Universidade dos Açores



  • Ural Federal University



  • T.C. Beykent University



  • Universidad de La Empresa



  • Transilvania University of Brasov